SRS light ??

Discussion in 'CL-Class' started by Tony dartnall, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Tony dartnall

    Tony dartnall New Member

    Hi everyone,my 2003 cl500 has been to garage a few times for SRS light coming on but they cant find out why as various items been changed?????
  2. engineer

    engineer Member

    Did they tell you what the SRS codes were?

    SRS codes are stored in the airbag control unit even if the light turns off. The code will provide a good indication as to what is wrong. One common problem is the child occupancy sensor in the passenger seat. Don't start changing things randomly find out what is wrong or change the shop you go too.
  3. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Active Member

    x2 on passenger seat sensor.
    The sensor itself can last for long years, but the wire loop under the seat cant take years of flexing.

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