2003-2009 (W211) Convenience Features Not Available

Discussion in 'E-Class' started by allroad5577, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. allroad5577

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    On cold mornings (0-15 degrees F) getting the "Convenience Features Not Available" message. Is this related to the main battery (trunk) or the aux battery (under hood)?
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  3. Kajtek1

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    Is the message staying all the time, or will it go away after short time?
    The message indicate low car voltage, what can be trigger by several things, but most likely charging is poor.
    How many miles on alternator brushes?
  4. allroad5577

    allroad5577 New Member

    Thank you for your help. 2006 E500 4Matic, air ride. Message stays on for about 1-2 minutes of driving and then I get the message they have been restored. The AUX battery is new. Trunk battery is original Mercedes. 108,000 miles on the car, don't know if the alternator was ever swapped.
  5. Kajtek1

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    Since it restores the proper voltage after 2 minutes, possible reasons can be :
    - main battery going low
    -alternator output low, what can't keep up with keeping up the voltage after discharging the battery for start-up
    -bad connection somewhere on clamps.
    I am not even sure if STAR would pinpoint the fault, but I would test the main battery and check its clamps.
    Also you can display car voltage on cluster and observe it during starting procedure, what would give more data.

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