1998-2003 (W208) ABS ESP LIGHT ON

Discussion in 'CLK-Class' started by lynn preston, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. lynn preston

    lynn preston New Member

    ABS ESP LIGHT went on when I was not even driving. I had a gas cap that was not put on correctly so fixed gas cap and had to detach battery for 30 min and YES< the 'check engine light' went off. Then without even driving it I turned the car back on and steady lights for ABS ESP warning went on so haven't driven car. Would detaching the battery somehow screw up the 'malfunction' message on the ABS ESP warnings. Before I detached the battery, the car said no malfunction even though CEL was still on. The braking system malfunction now: could it be just a bad brake light switch? Could it be detaching the battery? How much is a new brake light switch (original MB) & what is the MB part #? DO I EVEN NEED TO DO ANYTHING? How do I correct the problem? Thx
  2. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Active Member

    sounds like you need to synchronize your steering sensor after battery disconnect.
    On my E it is turning from max turn one way, to max turn the other way. Your car might be the same, or something similar.
    Manual might have the procedure.
  3. engineer

    engineer Member

    +1 It's the same procedure. Start the car and turn the steering wheel full clock a couple of times.
  4. kentstephen

    kentstephen New Member

    I had my abs light come up and a diagnostic game up with several faults relating to front speed sensors.
    Cleaning seemed to have cleared it up but I'm still getting a front wheel right intermittent.
    Looking at the right side it has two sensors combined second potentially being just a wear sensor for the pads.
    I have looked for a replacement which I cannot find on the net

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